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About us

Our sunglasses are known for their lightweight constructions, strength and comfortable fit. To achieve this quality we are dedicated to work with the best factories and materials.

Traditionally speaking, the higher end sunglass manufacturers are located in Italy and Japan. We’ve decided to produce them in China.

“Made in China” no longer inherently means cheap, low quality, and unfashionable. Of course, we can’t speak to all the factories in a country with over more than a billion people, but with the manufacturers we closely work with, we see the most dedicated professionals.

The main material we use for our sunglasses is cellulose acetate;
a hypo allergic polymer derived from wood pulp and natural cotton fibers. It’s non-petroleum based, which basically means it is harmless to the environment. 

To achieve the highest quality acetate it’s all about how the raw material is produced, dried and handcrafted. The higher the quality acetate, the better the gloss and transparency will look. Coupled with the best components such as Comotec hinges, lightweight titanium nose-pads and certified UV400 protective lenses, our sunglasses are made to stand the test of time.