GOBI explores the world. Inspired by the mystery of the desert.
A journey of discovery that never stops. Fascinated by natures contrasts.


The changing atmosphere when night falls. A low-hanging cloud over sloping sand.
A touch of human influence within the landscape.


We are driven by nature’s force.


Our collection is build upon inspiration from nature.

Organically grown from the colors and shapes unfolding beyond us.
Our fashion forward yet timeless designs are a translation of a durable and lasting product.

A search for new materials leads to a surprising and evolving collection every season.


The heart of GOBI is reflected in the materialisation of the glasses.

We use different types of coloring, lenses and finishing for our sunglasses.
All our models come in a brush, deep matte or high polished finish

and are handcrafted in a 25 step process that takes over more than 2,5 months.


Using the best, hand-selected bio acetates, lenses and hinges,

GOBI can stand the ravages of time.