Our factory

In the course of 2019, we decided to look for a new collaboration to produce our sunglasses. We were introduced to Frankie, the owner of a Chinese factory, untraceable on the World Wide Web.

Frankie’s Garden

Frankie is a man who chooses his business partners carefully, only after meeting them first. He wanted to know everything about GOBI, to find out if we shared the same thoughts about quality and creating an own identity.

We also had questions for him. And honestly, we hesitated a bit to ask them. Considering the fact that our impact on social justice and environment occurs mostly at the factory, we needed to know everything about its conditions.

We were lucky. Frankie was keen to show us his factory. “My factory is like a garden”, he told us, when we entered. “The materials, the tools, the sunglasses we produce: we tend to them with the same care required for plants.”

Next to our visit, we developed a questioner about labour circumstances, asked for external reports and labour contracts. Together they draw a picture that makes us say: we have a collaboration going on with high standards on social justice.

95 percent of the employees live in the surroundings. In this way Frankie provides work for different generations. He treats them well. (In our sustainability report we provide you with detailed information)

2021 goals

The coming year we will start a dialogue about environmental impact. A theme that doesn’t scares Frankie. He already reduces the impact of his factory. A filter system makes sure the water is clean, before running to nature. We are excited to find out how we can reduce our ecological footprint in 2021 further more.

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