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Freedom lies in walking a path that is authentically yours. This is a lesson learned from our personal quest and the ambition is to put it into practise while perfecting GOBI sunglasses every single day.

As a young man, founder Koen Middeldorp, decided to travel several through China. On his way back to the Netherlands he decided to cross the Gobi, the largest desert in Asia. It is here, during a dazzling train ride, that GOBI Amsterdam was born.

Thinking about what to do upon his return home, he glanced at the vintage sunglasses that followed him alongside his journey from the very beginning. It’s a funny thing that sometimes we need to look at things from a different perspective to see their true value. Sunglasses do not only protect from the sun, but also provide a soft and gentle filter to perceive reality.

GOBI is more curious for things that lie in the shadows than things brought into light. Not only do we look for the best materials, we also seek the best form of collaboration. For our manufacturer, making the perfect sunglasses demands craftsmanship, experience and dedication.

Together we aspire to form a unique signature, both bold and classy. Together we will make GOBI stand the test of time.

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