Morocco – Adventure is worthwhile

Writing about our visit to Morocco seems insignificant and futile. Words began to lose their meaning from day one, meaning poured out and promptly evaporated into the hot air. Language escaped us, so to say….

Intuition filled the gap. Timid and a little nervous at first, but soon reassured by instinct. Gradually our bodies took over, began to do the talking, guiding us, curious as it is about everything.

From then on all became movement, interaction, surprise, only colors, sounds, textures, tastes and scents…. Fortune’s favor seemed ever so close as we followed our intuition, basking in the Moroccan hospitality and indulging in the different foods and fragrances, in the splendor of the landscape.

We can safely say that Morocco gave us a glimpse of being wholesome, to use but a phrase. The ease and openness with which the people made contact with us and offered us their hospitality – each time we were reminded of why we had set out in the first place.

For indeed, adventure is worthwhile, as Aesop put it long ago. Our trip to Morocco was sensational, in every sense of the word.

Morocco gave us a glimpse of being wholesome
Language escaped us,
so to say...
For indeed, adventure is worthwhile..