China has always intrigued me.
I love its many mysteries, the diverse cultures, and the mirror it holds up to our society. After a trip through China and the Gobi desert, I decided to study Chinese language and culture.
Therefore, when I started with GOBI it was clear to me: despite obvious production countries like Italy and Japan, I wanted to produce in China.

It took a while to find the perfect production facility. Frankie, as I got to know our manufacturer, is untraceable on the World Wide Web. He is a man who chooses his business partners carefully, only after really getting to know them first.
Frankie and I turned out to be on the same page. As a manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, he knows how to make an exquisite finished product with a keen eye for detail.

Equally important, we share a vision on sustainability. Transparency is the key word. We are open about our social and ecological footprint, because we don’t want to create the illusion that we don’t have one.

I stand behind our collaboration.
That’s why I say it with pride:

GOBI glasses are
handcrafted in China.

In fact, China is an important
source of inspiration for us.

Koen Middeldorp
Founder GOBI Amsterdam

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