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Bram Roelink Sweden | Gobi Amsterdam

This blog chapter is about people. People we like, admire. Not necessarily in a highly aspirational sense, sometimes just because of their passion, their ways, the little things.


An ordinary Dutch, no ordinary Dutch guy

Bram is just an ordinary Dutch guy, who grew up in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, in an area called De Achterhoek, translated this means The Back Corner, as it’s a beautiful, tucked away part of the Netherlands and one of the few real rural areas left in our densely populated country.


Bram is no ordinary Dutch guy. He already owned his own business in his mid twenties, lives in the heart of creative Amsterdam, travels the world regularly and has a relationship with international model Romy Schönberger, who he joins on her trips to NYC regularly.


Both descriptions are equally true, even though they can easily initially feel like opposites. Those seemingly opposites is a red thread through Bram’s live.


When asking where he goes out he said:

“One night I want to go to the newest club in town, the next night I need to get away from all the trendy, hipster stuff and go to a “bruine kroeg” (brown café, which is what old fashioned Dutch bars are called). It feels like everytime I am doing the one thing, I want the other.”

New York City | Gobi Amsterdam


When it comes to his favorite country in the world the immediate answer is: Sweden!

Bram: “I am a great admirer of their fashion, interior decoriating, clothing, brands, it’s simple, high quality and beautiful. Apart from that I am very fond of the Swedish country life, the Northern Lights, ice hole fishing, husky sleds in the snowy nothingness. It’s my dream to one day own one of those little red Swedish wooden cottages in the middle of nowhere, I can go to whenever I need some peace of mind.”


The only other place where Bram can really find utter peace is back home in Doetinchem. His parents own a restored farmhouse in the middle of the woods, it’s quiet, you can smell nature, he walks the dog and can fully relax with his old friends and family…. But not too long, because he really loves Amsterdam, especially the area around the Westerpark where he used to live. He recently moved more to Amsterdam’s city center where he now lives together with Romy.



New York

She plays an important part in his life and introduced him to what he now calls as probably the most interesting city in the world: New York City. Every time he visits the city he’s intrigued and inspired by it: the cultural and creative melting pot with its very rare combination of languages, cultures, peoples, fashion combination, creative output and food. It underlines the level of extremity when it comes to the different places Bram loves: from eclectic to straightforward Dutch, from urban creativity to nothingness in Lapland, from the hippest, coolest club to the old typical Amsterdam café.


We can only applaud this collision of worlds. Thanks Bram for telling us your Story. Gobi.


Bram’s tips for Amsterdam



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